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Poem of Storms Empty Poem of Storms

Post by D2Vincent on Thu May 12, 2011 12:36 am

a little poem I came up with in the rain....

and so the rain begins again bringing to the land,
a grey sky obove my head as I feel it on my hand.

It starts raining harder and it starts to thunder loud,
Getting darker as the storm approaches the unexpecting crowd.

I cannot say it's sad, it's made me rather glad.
And so the storm approaches, and it's coming in rather bad.

Getting stronger, getting louder, I listen to it's symphony,
as it booms, shakes, rolls, and pats, it is all it's taken quite a hold of me.

So will you join me and listen here to the music of the storm
to that lovely sound, that symphony that makes me rather warm.

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